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 Watchdogs 2

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PostSubject: Watchdogs 2   6th January 2017, 12:08

I’ve been playing Watchdogs 2 deluxe edition after pre-ordering the game online. Unlike it’s predecessor Watchdogs, the game doesn’t refer back to the character’s past but instead pushes the gamer to get more involved with the hacking element of the game. A friend of mine, who’s name will remain secret, said that he didn’t like the small amount of health the main character has. Despite his negative approach to this change, I embraced it. I later came up with the idea that if Marcus Holloway were to really be shot, he wasn’t exactly wearing armour to protect himself and would really be that vulnerable.


The game brings hacking up to date with the unbelievably helpful drones. There are 2 types of drone included in the game. As i’m sure you’ve already guessed they have the quadcopter which allows the player to get a birds eye view of the local area and mark any enemies. Then there’s my personal favourite, the RC Jumper. This masterpiece can crawl through any air vent, open doors, taunt enemies and even perform important actions needed to complete most missions. This drone has saved my digital arse more times than I care to mention. I must confess that I have successfully completed a mission sat outside the gate of the facility while the drones continued to baffle security staff.

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Watchdogs 2
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